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With our unrivalled heritage in China, global presence, leading service and financial expertise, we can show businesses the way.


HSBC's extensive global network across the Belt and Road countries mean it is well placed to help our clients reap opportunities from the trade, investment and project financing activities that the initiative will generate.


HSBC is well positioned to offer one-stop holistic solutions for customers given our expertise and bespoke product solutions across investment banking and traditional banking.

Being at the forefront of offshore RMB business, we can also offer a range of RMB product solutions, services and expertise that will open doors to more opportunities for your business. With the internationalisation of its currency, half of all China’s foreign trade is expected to be settled in Renminbi (RMB) by 2020.1 An important step toward reaching that goal came in 2016 when RMB was officially included in the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Special Drawing Rights basket as an international reserve asset. BRI will also bring them closer to realising their vision.

Peter Wong, Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive, The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited says, “As the commercial activities between China and countries along the BRI become more frequent, RMB will gain wider acceptance.” As a result, companies who haven’t already adopted RMB may consider doing so now if they plan on participating in BRI growth and expansion.

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